Countdown to Christmas is well and truly under way

Growing Pains.

Growing Pains.

IT’S beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The decorations are up at home, the presents are bought and wrapped (with a couple of exceptions) and the festive social engagements are under way.

I still don’t quite trust the children with decorating the tree – would you let a three-year-old and a one-year-old loose on a 6ft spruce?

So I put it up one night after they’d gone to bed and surprised them in the morning.

James wanted to know why we had a star at the top instead of an angel like the one at nursery, but overall he seemed quite pleased.

Obviously, he wanted to open the presents underneath (from friends and family) and spent the rest of the day asking if it was Christmas yet, but he eventually got bored of hearing the same answer – no, not yet.

It was then that I thought an Advent calender would come in handy.

In all the rush, I neglected to buy Advent calendars for my little chocolate monsters, which would definitely put me on Santa’s naughty list if they were in charge! Can I start them off halfway through?

The threat of the naughty list has had little effect on James, who seems to be pushing quite a few buttons at the moment.  

I seem to spend most of the day repeating myself and I’m thinking of recording a few stock phrases to save my voice.

Michael and I have made one of those online Santa videos for him and his sister, so maybe it’s time to screen them and give him a bit of an incentive.

We’re going to see the ‘real thing’ next week, with a festive day of fun planned after James’ nativity on Monday.

It involves a trip to Newcastle to see Fenwick’s window before heading to Santa’s grotto at the store, which we visited for the first time last year.

James has asked for one thing repeatedly this year – the Tickety-Toc clockhouse playset.

This has actually been bought for him by my sister and I’m terrified he’s going to wonder where it is on Christmas morning and stop believing.

I’m counting on his other presents providing a distraction, but I know my son and he’ll notice!

When we did Sophie’s list, James requested a dolly for her and Sophie nodded enthusiastically (I’m going to ask Santa for my daughter to start talking).

They each drew a picture on the back of their lists before sending them off to the North Pole and they’re eagerly awaiting a response.

My bank balance suggests they’ll get the one they’re hoping for on Christmas morning!





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