My son aspires to be homeless

Richard Ord column

Richard Ord column

PEARLS of wisdom from my 10-year-old son this week.

“I’d hate to be a member of the Royal Family,” revealed our Isaac, while out on a bike ride.

Why’s that?

“Well,” he explained, “who wants to be stuck in a boring castle all day? You can’t even nip out for some fish and chips.”

Before a full explanation of the workings of the monarchy system could be imparted, he quickly changed tack.

“I’d rather be a homeless person!” Why?

“Well,” he sighed, as if it was obvious. “When mam only has £100 left in the bank she’s all upset and gets angry.

“She’ll say ‘my God, we’ve only got £100 left, what are we going to do?’

“If a homeless person had £100 they’d be much happier. ‘Hey,’ they’d say, ‘I’ve got £100.’ They’d be well happy.”

We chose not to argue with him. When you aspire to be homeless, you can surely only be happy with what life eventually throws your way.


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