Centre criticisms hard to understand

HAVEN POINT ... stop the negativity, says our correspondent.

HAVEN POINT ... stop the negativity, says our correspondent.

WHILE Mr Campbell acknowledges my response to his previous criticism of Haven Point (Gazette, January 2), it seems he does not acknowledge his inaccuracies.

I find his argument difficult to follow, since he on the one hand complains about the £16m spent, but then suggests much more should have been spent building an Olympic-size pool.

The cost of this would have been at least half as much again, plus additional running costs.

Olympic pools are not allocated randomly, they are sited after due consideration and consultation by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, Sport England, the British Olympic Committee, the ASA and the relevant local authorities. There are six Olympic pools in England and an additional 10 50-metre pools, all carefully sited to maximise availability.

South Tyneside would have been given no support, financial or otherwise, if it had decided to build an Olympic pool with the nearest being only eight miles away.

I also take issue with Mr Campbell’s assertion that ‘the fun pool model is outmoded’ for three reasons.

Firstly, I reiterate the point made in my last letter – a 25-metre pool is not a fun pool but a serious competition facility.

Secondly, I believe that many parents of young children would also disagree; how can children’s water confidence be developed unless they first learn to enjoy the water?

In Haven Point there is provision for ‘fun’ but in addition to, and separate from, the main pool.

Thirdly, this fantastic facility not only serves the residents of South Tyneside, but is located where it is so that it becomes a visitor attraction, bringing much-needed revenue to the town and provides an alternative to the beach for day trippers when the weather is poor.

Come on, Mr Campbell, why don’t you and UKIP address the real issues giving cause for concern such as the rising cost of living and stagnating wages and the swingeing cuts to public services, all due to the Conservatives?

Margaret Meling,


Cleadon Village.




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