Pool is missed opportunity

HAVEN POINT ... stop the negativity, says our correspondent.

HAVEN POINT ... stop the negativity, says our correspondent.

MY letter of a few weeks ago, critical of the pool size at Haven Point, has attracted many comments.

The programme Splash starts again on BBC TV tomorrow night.

As Tom Daley and celebrities look down at the postage stamp they have to dive into, that’s the size of Haven Point pool – 25 metres long by eight lanes wide.

As the cameras pan up to the vast expanse of water ahead of them, that is the pool we don’t have, and for £16m we should have had.

Just who was consulted at the planning stage? Swimming clubs?  

I just cannot see how it can finance itself – £16m at three per cent flat over 25 years works out at more than £300 a day capital and interest payments.

The operating costs, such as wages and maintenance, have to go on top of that.

Has South Tyneside Council budgeted for subsidising Haven Point?

If I’m mistaken, the council can use this page to let us know.

Perhaps Cleadon councillor Margaret Melling can reply as she did previously, and let us know the financial facts.

I ask readers to recall what happened to Wet ‘n’ Wild in North Shields.

This indoor water park was the place to go 10 to 15 years ago. It has now gone bust.

The fun pool model is outmoded. It’s yesterday.

It’s OK at Centre Parcs for a lazy weekend, but today the emphasis is on swimming for fitness.

TV coverage of the Olymics and Paralympics has greatly increased participation.

If I went to a four-star hotel in Majorca, and Haven Point was the pool, I would be disappointed.

It looks good from the outside, but for £16m it should have been 50 metres long by 25 metres wide.

It’s an opportunity lost.

Colin Campbell,





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