Swimming pool is a perverts’ paradise

HAVEN POINT ... a perverts' paradise, said one correspondent.

HAVEN POINT ... a perverts' paradise, said one correspondent.

THIS is my first word on the Haven Point swimming pool – as Colin Campbell said it was his last.

Well, Colin you might respond to this – I hope you do. I totally respect your comments. Hope you do mine.

I am not into politics, but do you know Colin you have just opened a massive can of worms for parents who take their children to Haven Point?

Haven is supposed to mean, according to the dictionary, a place of safety.

Well, I am not so sure. I would rename it Perverts Paradise!

Anyone can sit in the car park with a long lens camera and take photos of kids or ex-wives and do whatever they want with them.

I would urge mams and dads and anyone who takes the kids to Haven Point to start a petition to get the windows blacked out.  

Architects/planners/designers/South Tyneside Council – do it as soon as possible!

Viv O’ Sullivan,

via e-mail.




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