Newcastle United net £54.4m from Premier League

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editorial image

NEWCASTLE United earned almost £55m in TV money from the Premier League this season.

Figures were today released for the distribution of cash from broadcasters.

And Newcastle were seventh in the wealth table, topped by title winners Manchester City, who made £60.6m.

United banked £54.2m, while Sunderland made £44.4m from their live games.

PREMIER LEAGUE MONEY TABLE: Manchester City £60.6m, Manchester United £60.3m, Tottenham £57.3m, Arsenal £56.2m, Chelsea £54.4m, Liverpool £54.4m, Newcastle £54.2m, Everton £48.9m, Fulham £47.4m, West Brom £46.6m, Swansea £45.9m, Norwich £45.6m, Sunderland £44.4m, Stoke £43.6m, QPR £43.3m, Wigan £42.8m, Aston Villa £42.1m, Bolton £40.6m, Blackburn £40.3m, Wolves £39.1m.




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