Cinema review: Last Vegas (12A)

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GET ready to party like it’s 1959!

Last Vegas unites four acting stalwarts together on screen for the first time and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Legendary quartet Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline make for fantastic viewing in this bachelor party flick - a sort of OAP version of The Hangover.

But while The Hangover relies on sheer ridiculousness and gross-out humour, Last Vegas has real heart and overwhelming charm.

Long-lived bachelor Billy (Douglas) is eventually tieing the knot - to a woman half his age.

So the sixtysomething decides to get his old gang back together, but that’s not as easy as it seems.

Paddy (De Niro) hasn’t spoken to him in a long time, Archie (Freeman) has ailing health and Sam (Kline) is fighting back to fitness after an operation.

With a little gentle encouragement, the four childhood pals are back together and heading to Las Vegas to celebrate Billy’s pending nuptials.

Last Vegas is a touching tale of lasting friendship, love and relationships, with a lot of huge laughs along the way.

It’s heart-warming and simply brilliant.

You can only hope to have such lasting and powerful friendships as these four fellas.

Last Vegas is out now. See it at Boldon Cineworld.

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