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WHAT’S in store for former Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei?

The 24-year-old, from South Shields, is hoping to inject some glamour into the high street by opening her own boutique.

Her shop, Off The Rails, is due to open on Fowler Street, South Shields, within the next week, and Sophie gave the Gazette an exclusive look around as she was putting the finishing touches to the layout.

Sophie is also going to open a hair and beauty salon upstairs so that girls can get glammed up from head to toe before a night on the town.

The store is going to be packed with glamorous going out clothes and accessories that have Sophie’s seal of approval.

Sophie, of Tyne Dock, said: “I wanted to open this shop because I’ve been living a crazy, mad lifestyle but I was ready for it to come to an end.

“Now I want to open my own business, be my own boss and give this little town a good clothes shop for girls.”

Sophie, who starred in MTV show Geordie Shore since its beginning in 2011 until last year, is going to offer package deals in the salon, which will come with discount in the shop.

She added: “This shop is about going out and glamour. You’ve got upstairs, which is hair and beauty, so you can get glammed up for your night out then come downstairs and you’ve got your clothes – your little dresses, bodycons, off-the-shoulder tops, glitz and glam. It’s all here.

“This shop isn’t going to be your T-shirts, your leggings, nothing like that – it’s about going out, having a good time and looking like a celebrity.”

The store isn’t Sophie’s first step into fashion. She used to have her own line of control underwear, called Silhouette by Sophie, and is currently working with fashion designer Sugarhoneys Boutique to release her own range of clothing.

She is also following in her dad Keivan’s footsteps by becoming a business owner. He owns Mambo Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, in South Shields, and Mambo II, in Hebburn.

Sophie is also hoping to one day expand her business online and by opening more stores across the country.

She is also going to run stag and hen business Geordie Tours, along with Anna Parkin, who has also featured on Geordie Shore, from the office in her shop. Sophie said: “I had the choice to open this shop wherever I wanted; Manchester, Leeds, London, but this is my home town.

“I could have opened it in Newcastle, but I’ve lived here all my life and I like South Shields. My friends are from here and my family is and I wanted something that’s close to home. Eventually I’ll go to Newcastle and hopefully go bigger and better and become a brand.

“For the last few years I’ve been spoilt and I’ve just been given things but now I’m back in reality. I’ve got to look after myself and earn my own money and I’m going to go back to working nine to five, which I’m buzzing about.”

Sophie is looking to hire people to work in her salon, which she expects to open in September, as well as staff for the boutique.

She said: “I want the best of the best when it comes to nails, hair extensions, and make up artists, and I want my boutique staff to be bubbly and outgoing and want to chat to customers about what they’re doing, where they’re going, and what outfits will look great on them, so they’ll need good fashion sense too.”

People can follow the store on Twitter @OTRBoutique

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