VIDEO: Liz Hurley reprises sexy spy role for TV ad

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ACTRESS Liz Hurley is reprising one of her sexiest screen roles - donning a black leather catsuit to star opposite TV’s famous meerkats.

The Austin Powers star agreed to glam up to play a spy in a new advertising campaign for, whose meerkats have become a cult favourite.

Speaking at a launch event at The Troxy theatre in east London, she said she had 11-year-old son Damian’s full approval to take on the role.

“It makes a big difference when your kids like what you do,” she said.

“I’m very lucky because he loves movies, he loves the theatre, he loves reading, he kind of likes what I like.”

She said she loves the meerkat adverts too, because they’re funny and her role is “silly”.

Ms Hurley, who starred as spy Vanessa Kensington in the Austin Powers films, poses with an Aston Martin and is suspended in mid-air in the style of Mission Impossible for the advertising campaign.

But she admitted the chances of showing off her spy skills opposite Daniel Craig in the next James Bond film are slim.

“I’m not sure I’ve got much of a future as a Bond girl but I’ve always thought they were fabulous,” she said.

“Every James Bond film I’ve seen, I’ve by far and away preferred the girls’ parts.”




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