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MOM was the word for a group of dance-crazy youngsters from South Tyneside.

Mother-and-daughter duo Christi and Chloe Lukasiak, stars of the US reality TV show Dance Moms, couldn’t put a foot wrong as they were met with shrieks of delight from enthusiastic fans at Hebburn Community Centre on Saturday.

The celebrity pair swapped Stateside for South Tyneside to hold a dance workshop and question-and-answer session as part of a whirlwind tour of the UK.

The star coup was organised by Helen Telford, who runs a dance class at the Move It studios in the Argyle Street centre.

The translantic link-up was months in the making, but it proved well worth the wait for a capacity audience of 100 dancers and parents.

Stage mum Christi and dancing daughter Chloe are two of the main stars of the hit show, now in its fourth season.

The series is shown in the UK on the Sky channel Lifetime.

Dance Moms follows the budding stars of the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and their mums, through the trials and tribulations of rehearsals and performances.

While rows among the moms are never far away on screen, there were no such problems in Hebburn as Christi, 37, thanked young fans for turning out to see her and Chloe, 13.

She told the crowd of youngsters and parents: “I would like to thank Helen and her staff for organising everything.

“I want to thank everyone for all their love and support for the show and for your love and support of the kids. The girls are the stars of the show. They love to dance just as much as you guys.

“It is great to think people all over the world are watching them dance and are excited to see them.”

Christi joked with the audience that her own daughter, though an acclaimed performer on a global TV success, was much like the young dancers who had lined up to see her in action – someone who gets in trouble for not cleaning her room or doing her homework and regularly gets embrrassed by her mother.

She added: “Does anyone have a real embarrassing mom? So does she.

“I want you to remember that your mum doesn’t embarrass you every week on TV – Chloe’s does – so be nice to your mums.”

Dance group boss Helen was delighted to secure a date with Chloe and Christi, saying: “It is quite unbelievable, a dream come true and an amazing coup for Hebburn in general and the community centre.

“It took quite a few months to organise, and I felt a bit bad not being able to tell the kids at first.

“They were shocked and surprised when I got the go-ahead to tell them.

“It’s been something for everyone to look forward to, not just dancers from my dance school but dancers from all over the North East.”

After the borough’s dancers were put through their paces, they asked for autographs and had photos taken with their guests.

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