Panto will leave you feline fine

Full cast...The principal characters in Jarrow Musical Theatre Companys production of Puss and Boots.

Full cast...The principal characters in Jarrow Musical Theatre Companys production of Puss and Boots.

IT’s going to be a case of what’s new pussycat when a South Tyneside theatre company brings its annual panto to life.

Members of Jarrow Musical Theatre Company (JMTC) are starring in Puss and Boots from Wednesday.

And while the traditional tale has been a childhood favourite for decades – this version has been brought bang up to day with modern hits.

Sandra Connolly, publicity co-ordinator - and chorus member - said: “It’s certainly a very modern Puss In Boots.

“We’ve got all the latest hits including Britney Spears and Will.I.Am’s ‘Scream and Shout’, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’, plus Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’, so it’s very up to date.

“I think the music really caters for everyone this year - especially the younger ones.”

The last time the company performed the show was back in 1998, but this time everyone’s got a new role and there’s also lots of new faces.

Members of Sage Performing Arts, based in Byker, will be joining the cast for the first time as they perform as babes and dancers.

JMTC is keen for younger people to get involved with their shows and would welcome newcomers to their ranks.

Mrs Connolly said: “We’re always happy to meet potential younger members, often our own have to go away to university, or study for exams, so we’d like to boost numbers.

“I think by joining a company like ours it gives youngsters a good idea of how much work goes into producing a show and makes them realise the commitments and dedication from everyone involved.”

The panto has all the ingredients needed for a successful show.

There’s the evil ogre who’s demanding the poor villagers’ taxes after waking up from a 100-year sleep.

A colourful dame who keeps everyone’s spirits lifted and silly Maisy who is sure raise a few laughs with her antics.

Of course no panto recipe would be complete without a love-struck princess, a queen, a handsome ‘fella’ and a heroic Puss in Boots to hopefully save the day.

Mrs Connolly said: “It has all the old favourites elements in it of course. It wouldn’t be a proper panto if there wasn’t a goodie, a baddie and a love triangle.

“We have also thrown in some ultra violet skeletons for good measure. Which we think everyone will enjoy.”

The panto costs £7 per ticket which the members believe is good value for money as there’s free parking outside and audience members can bring in their own treats.

Mrs Connolly added: “Compared to some of the bigger theatres we think our prices are very reasonable.

“Plus people don’t have to pay expensive car parking charges and we’re a stone’s throw away from Morrisons so the kids can stock up on affordable treats to bring in with them.

She added: “I know a lot of people like our February pantomime because it helps break up the often rather dull start to the year.

“We just hope lots of people come along and support us.”

n Puss in Boots will be at Jarrow Community Association in Cambrian Street, from Wednesday until Friday, from 7pm. On Saturday there will be two shows at 1pm and 5.30pm.

Tickets cost £7. To book, call 428 0873.

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