Serial killers show heads for South Shields

GRUESOME ...part of the poster for the upcoming The Worlds Worst Serial Killers show at the Customs House by Trevor Marriott.

GRUESOME ...part of the poster for the upcoming The Worlds Worst Serial Killers show at the Customs House by Trevor Marriott.

THEATRE-goers are to experience one of the most grisly shows ever staged at The Customs House.

The Evil Within – The World’s Worst Serial Killers investigates the murders committed by 20 of the world’s most brutal murderers.

Trevor Marriott, a former murder squad detective with Bedfordshire Police, has put together the audiovisual show to describe and highlight the killings, but also detail the pain which the victims have suffered.

Trevor, now a best-selling author, who since leaving the police force has reinvestigated the case of Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel murders, will show more than 200 photographs of not only the victims and their killers, but original crime scenes and video clips of interviews with some of the killers.

“I not only portray the killers as the monsters who they are,” he said.

“I also go to great lengths to show the errors and bad decisions made by law enforcement officers in allowing some of these killers to roam free to kill again before finally being captured.”

Trevor, who is keeping the names of the killers he investigates under wraps, apart from one, Peter Sutcliffe, “The Yorkshire Ripper”, said he is doing nothing different in the show than some TV documentary makers.

“I don’t think it will be too graphic for people,” he said.

“Some of the images will have not been shown before as they have been deemed too graphic for TV, but I want to show people just what a human being can do to another human being.

“I only had once criticism once from someone who asked if I thought it was right to make money out of peoples’ misfortunes.

“I said we are say 40 years down the line from the killing, and while some older people may remember the victims, a lot of people won’t.”

The show, which is on Sunday, March 9, is based on Trevor’s book The Evil Within, which investigates 70 serial killers. It could be an emotional experience for the audience.

“People may shed a tear or two before the evening ends,” said Trevor.

“I’m trying to show the audience the pain and suffering of the victim and their family.

“One woman said that she thought the show was good and well presented, but she had to leave because she was scared to think that there are people out there who can do that to other people.”

Ali Brown marketing and programming co-ordinator at The Customs House, said: “Trevor Marriott is a fascinating man who has not only had a successful career as a murder squad detective but also as a best-selling author.

“We are looking forward to welcoming him to The Customs House next month and we’re sure his show will be extremely interesting and, with whole TV channels dedicated to crime and some of the biggest TV shows of the last year being detective programmes, very well attended.”

Tickets for the show, priced £14 and £12 (concessions) are now on sale from the Customs House on 454 1234 or visiting www.customshouse.co.uk

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