VIDEO: Building fun at Crazy Construction event

HARD hats and high-vis jackets are the uniform of choice this week for kids taking part in a fun summer school.

Living Waters Church, in South Shields, has become a building site where kids can take part in crafts and games and enjoy songs and stories.

SAFETY FIRST ... at the Crazy Construction summer school.

SAFETY FIRST ... at the Crazy Construction summer school.

The week-long event, dubbed Crazy Construction, kicked off yesterday at the church, in St Jude’s Terrace.

The building-themed activities are being overseen by church volunteers and Butch, the building site guard dog, who has an unfortunate fear of bricks and cement.

Activities run from 10am to noon each day this week and there’s still time to join in the fun, but children should beware as they may finish their day in the gunge tank.

Sheila Olsen, the church’s children’s leader, said: “The idea behind the summer school is to give the children something to do during the holidays and to teach them about Jesus and get the Bible message across.

Georgia Wardale

Georgia Wardale

“We’ve been doing this every summer for about nine years now and we always get a good group of children along and a lot of them come back year after year.

“It’s always fantastic fun for the kids and the people from the church really enjoy it too. We all came in last week to decorate the room.

“We do a different theme every year. We’ve done things like the fairground, a medieval castle, under the sea and the circus.”

The parents of those taking part will get the chance to see what their children have been up to at a family event on Thursday at 6pm, and on Saturday the children taking part will take a trip to Stanhope, in County Durham.

Grace Morris

Grace Morris

Sheila added: “One of our helpers, Beth Smith knows someone who owns a big house with lots of land in Stanhope and we take the kids along to spend the day.

“I think the kids really benefit from the summer school. They have a lot of fun but it also keeps them active during the holidays and it gives them something to do, and it’s cheap too so that benefits the parents.

“A lot of people get involved and it really brings the community together, which is great.”

Nine-year-old Ella Schofield, from South Shields, was one of the children taking part in the summer school.

She said: “I came last year and it was really fun.

“There were lots of different activities to do and the building site sounded like it would be really good.

“Last year we played lots of fun games and I won some prizes so I came back this year to see if I could win some more and I’ll be back next year too.”

* Crazy Construction runs until Friday and costs £1 per day. Children are welcome to join in at any point.

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