Album review: Lamb Of God - Resolution

LAMB OF GOD ... Resolutions (Roadrunner)
LAMB OF GOD ... Resolutions (Roadrunner)

AMONG the most successful US metal bands of the last decade, this is the Virginia quintet’s seventh studio album, but their first since 2009’s Wrath.

Sadly, their past few releases have seen their full-throtltle brand of groove-oriented metalcore go somewhat stale, so it comes as a relief that here, they do at least try to mix things up a bit.

Sludgy opener Straight For The Sun gets things off to an excellent start, while Desolation and Insurrection also impress.

However, much of the rest of the record simply comes across as Lamb Of God by numbers, with little in the way of true excitement.

The changes that they’ve made are unquestionably for the better, but ultimately they seem to be tentatively dipping a toe into the water, rather than jumping into new territory. 6/10. AW