Album review: Napalm Death - Utilitarian

NAPALM DEATH ... Utilitarian (EMI)
NAPALM DEATH ... Utilitarian (EMI)

THIS Brummy quartet are extreme metal legends, who were instrumental in developing both the death and grindcore sub-genres back in their late-80s pomp.

Even more remarkable is the fact they’ve remained so reliable down the years, constantly delivering solid records and showing no let-up in their vicious aural assault.

In that sense, this 17th LP is more of the same, showcasing a sound that’s well established, yet remarkably modern given they’re such veterans.

Vocalist Barney Greenway still possesses a ferocious roar, and by the sounds of it their stream of songwriting ideas is far from running dry, with fabulous riffs and pummeling rhythms dominating from the off.

They may be getting on a bit, but this record is proof that Napalm Death remain a relevant force, and is sure to delight fans of all generations. 8/10. AW