Album review: The Shins - Port Of Morrow

THE SHINS ... Port Of Morrow (Aural Apothecary/Columbia)
THE SHINS ... Port Of Morrow (Aural Apothecary/Columbia)

THE Shins are an indie-rock band from Albuquerque and basically the musical vehicle of frontman James Mercer.

After two well-received but commercially unremarkable albums, they made their breakthrough with their third, 2007’s Wincing The Night Away.

If there’s any justice, this follow-up – after yet more line-up changes – will be the one that sees them achieve the fame they deserve.

It’s 10 slices of excellent melodic indie-pop, full of songs so good it’s difficult to pick a favourite.

Lead single Simple Song is up there, but so are It’s Only Life (like Crowded House at their best), Fall Of ‘82, and For A Fool, which has a Beatles-y quality.

If lovingly-crafted indie-pop is your thing, trust me, you’ll like this. 8/10. GW