Review: 4 Words, Northern Stage, Newcastle

HILARIOUS ... Lee Mattinson's Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.
HILARIOUS ... Lee Mattinson's Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.

THE Northumberland Theatre Company (NTC) returned with four short plays about love, life, longing and laughter.

They were performed by InterACT – which offers young actors the chance to train and work with a professional theatre company – and two NTC regulars.

The actors, James Laurence Hunter, Steven Jaan Pilman, Georgina Hall and Nadia Emam, all had a chance to shine, though the first, Stranded, was a true ensemble piece.

It told of three couples, all doomed to the same fate.

The second part, Boiling Point, was excellent.

It followed the highs and lows of a marriage and was in turns funny, sad and powerful.

Things took a dramatic turn with Not Some Kind Of Sideshow, the story of a paralympics hopeful.

For me the best was Lee Mattinson’s Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.

It was as hilarious as anything I’ve ever seen.