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Cinema AND TRAILER - Cars 3: Even a cartoon car can face a mid-life crisis, discovers Owen

Owen Wilson is back in the driving seat for Cars 3, but both he and Lightning McQueen are feeling their age. The actor explains why getting older isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but he’s still a big kid at heart.

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New Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker

View Screen: 13 questions for the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker

The actor taking over as the lead character in Doctor Who made her debut this week - here she answers a few vital questions. . .

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Have you watched it yet?

Ed Sheeran sings in Game of Thrones cameo

Ed Sheeran made his Game Of Thrones cameo in the first episode of the penultimate series.

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Jodie Whittaker was today unveiled by the BBC as the 13th Doctor Who.

Just Who is Jodie Whittaker? Nine things you need to know about the 13th Doctor Who

Most widely known for starring as the mother of murdered Danny Latimer in Broadchurch, Jodie Whittaker has become the first woman to take the lead role in Doctor Who.
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Jodie Whittaker, who will become the first woman to play the Time Lord in Doctor Who.

Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker named as the first female Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker will become the first woman to play the Time Lord in Doctor Who, the BBC has revealed.
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Peter Capaldi is bowing out as Doctor Who, and his successor will be announced today.

New Doctor Who will be announced after Wimbledon men's final

Doctor Who fans waiting to learn who will succeed Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord will finally get their answer today.

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Reckon you could make it on MasterChef

Call for contestants as BBC launches search for the next MasterChef

The BBC is on the lookout for the next amateur MasterChef champion.
Do you fancy having a go at this game show?

Contestants sought for BBC One quiz show

The BBC are searching for contestants to take part in the second series of TV quiz show The Boss.

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Andy Serkis stars as Caesarin War For The Planet Of The Apes.

Cinema: Playing leader of the apes is tough in gripping story of winner takes all

Playing a young ape nearly killed him. Well, from a physical point of view, at least.
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Dr Who on BBC iPlayer.

TV and streaming: This week's highlights

Check out our Weekend Magazine TV editor Stuart Chandler's picks for the coming week.

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Game of Thrones is back on Sky Atlantic.

TV choice: It’ll be all white on the night as Game Of Thrones returns

It may be summer, but the winter we’ve all been waiting  for finally comes to Sky Atlantic.

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Ross Kemp with fighters on the West Bank.

TV preview: Going to the ends of the Earth to reveal race hate in the real world

While most of the US, and the UK, spent the night of November 9 2016 fretting over who was about to be announced as the next president - whether it would be a first for women or a reality TV star - presenter Ross Kemp was packing for an American road trip with a very different angle.

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Will you be tuning in?

Can you pass the ultimate Game of Thrones trivia quiz?

Do know your knights from your ladies and Kings Landings from Castle Blacks?

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How many of the top 50 British films have you seen?

These are the top 50 British films of all time

The Italian Job has been named the greatest British film ever made.
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Tom Holland is on top of the world to be playing Spidey.

Cinema AND TRAILER: Spider-Man: Homecoming - New webslinger Tom is thrilled to be playing his childhood hero

It’s been a life-changing few years for British actor Tom Holland, but his star is set to reach new heights thanks to his casting as the new face of Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. He talks to Gemma Dunn.
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Do you use one of the boxes?

Kodi boxes recalled due to electric shock risk

TV viewers have been warned of an electrical shock risk from a model of Kodi box currently being sold in the UK.
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A third of Premier League fans admit watching illegal streams of live matches.

A third of Premier League fans admit watching live football on illegal internet streams

More than a third of Premier League football fans watch live matches on illegal internet streams, a survey has revealed.

Football 3
Doctors Peter Capaldi, left, and David Bradley.

Doctor Who meets himself as first pictures from Christmas special are released following series finale

The first pictures from this year's Doctor Who Christmas special have been released and show not one but two Time Lords stepping into the frame.

Jacob Tremblay as Peter Carpenter, Jaeden Lieberher as Henry Carpenter and Naomi Watts as Susan Carpenter in The Book Of Henr.

Cinema AND TRAILER: The Book Of Henry - Director knows all too well the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Colin Trevorrow is a man in demand, but somewhere between Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode IX, he’s managed to helm The Book Of Henry. The director chats to Susan Griffin.
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Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone is 20 today.

Harry Potter anniversary quiz: 20 questions to test your knowledge

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first book in J.K. Rowling’s phenomenally successful series.

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