Inside the soaps: EastEnders, Coronation Street, Neighbours, Home And Away,

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WONDERING what’s happening in the week’s soaps? Here’s a heads-up, with a little help from Inside Soap magazine.


The battle between Jack and Phil turns bloody this week – leaving Jack convinced that he’s killed Phil! After Phil plays games in order to keep Sharon close, Jack’s temper flares and he punches Phil, sending him plummeting into the mechanics pit in the Arches. Will Phil survive? Meanwhile, Denise has an eventful week as she accompanies Lucy to an important doctors appointment, becomes excited when Ian returns from a holiday, and finally is left speechless when a drunken Patrick hits her! Also, Masood is shocked when Ayesha proposes he run away with her. But given that he has Tamwar and AJ to consider, what will Masood decide? Finally, Dot continues to fret about getting into trouble with the council.

Coronation Street

Stella’s left horrified this week when she hears that Eva’s considering running off to travel the world with Gloria’s fiancé, Eric! But just when Eva makes up her mind about the trip, tragedy strikes… Elsewhere, Katy plays with fire when she kisses Ryan! Given that she’s with Chesney, and they have a child, is Chesney headed for heartbreak? Also on the cobbles, Gail is struggling to bite her tongue after learning the truth about Kylie and Nick, and her ill treatment of her daughter-in-law soon results in her being banished from the house by David. Will Gail tell her son his wife’s big secret? Also, Lloyd tries to keep Flash the tortoise’s fate a secret from Mandy – but all is not as it seems…


Edna’s life is in mortal danger this week, when her eagerness to provide for Tootsie’s vet bills leads to her putting her own health at risk. After not eating properly for weeks, Edna collapses in her home – but will anybody find her? Meanwhile, Brenda’s health is also in jeopardy as a series of strange incidents lead to a terrifying accident while out driving. When she’s rushed to hospital, Brenda’s left devastated by the potential diagnosis… Also in the Dales, Sam and Rachel finally admit their true feelings for one another and unite as a couple, but struggle to be out in the village under the glare of public scrutiny. And Chas tries to take Thomas under her wing – much to Cameron’s discomfort as his guilty conscience grows.


Walker and his accomplice Kevin continue their evil plan to wreak the ultimate revenge on Brendan this week, by framing him for a serious crime. How will Brendan get out of this predicament? Elsewhere, Jacqui is furious to discover that ‘pal’ Trudy has been playing her after she gets into trouble with the police! Trudy helps her out, but Jacqui is further incensed to realise she’s now in Trudy’s debt… Also in Chester, Darren goes to desperate lengths in a bid to get the funds to buy the pub, which results in him declaring war on the Kane family! And Doug and JP grow closer – but are either of them ready to commit to a new relationship?


Priya’s in for a rough ride this week, as she struggles to try and make amends for her recent mistakes. Rani is acting out at school, and tests Priya’s responsibilities as both a mother and the school principal, whilst Ajay remains firm that their marriage is over. Can Priya keep her strength and gain back her family? Meanwhile, it seems romance could be in the air for Georgia and Kyle as both subtly express their feelings for one another. But there remains the obstacle of Georgia’s current boyfriend Scotty… Also, Lucas finally tells Vanessa about his love for her – but with Rhys and baby Patrick to consider, what will Vanessa’s response be? Finally, Karl is determined to reunite with Susan.

Home and Away

The Braxtons get their revenge on Adam and Jamie for their attempted murder of Heath this week, as Brax gets Adam to confess to his evil misdeeds – making sure the revelation is recorded! But sinister Adam assures Brax they haven’t seen the last of each other… Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Celia’s suspicious behaviour unsettles Alf and Colleen. She is clearly up to something, but just what is her secret? Also, Dex and April have

a falling-out at a party, as Dex tries to convince his dad that he wants to have some fun. And Spencer and Maddy disagree over whether they should seek help from Roo or not – but Maddy’s ailing health soon makes the decision for them…

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