Adrian Dalton


Advice on challenging an allegation of assault

My son has been accused of assaulting his partner. Every time they fall out she makes false allegations, she has even admitted it to the police before. He doesn’t have Legal Aid and he hasn’t received any paperwork about his trial, which is next month. How do we prove that she is a liar?

The challenges of when a marriage breaks down.

The challenges of a marriage breakdown and what happens to the family home

I have been considering separating from my partner of 15 years for quite some time now as I believe our marriage has broken down.
However, I have never spoken to my partner about this as I have a number of concerns and my main worry is the house as I do not know what would happen or what options I may have.
I am worried my son who is aged 11 and I may end up homeless, what can I do?

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