Conservative candidate for South Shields makes Port of Tyne pledge

A Conservative election candidate has vowed to make the Port or Tyne the centre of a plan to create an economic and jobs boost for South Shields

Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 5:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 6:13 pm
Conservative candidate for South Shields Oni Oviri

Conservative candidate for South Shields, Oni Oviri, says that, if elected, she will push the Government to turn the Port of Tyne and Tyneside into a Freeport like Dubai -allowing companies to bring goods there tax free.

The pro-Brexiteeer says that could bring massive investment and hundreds of new jobs.

Ms Oviri has made her top pledge for the campaign to ensure that the voices of people in South Shields is finally heard and the government gets Brexit done.

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Conservative candidate Oni Oviri at the Port or Tyne

The plan will be a crucial part of the Conservative's Northern Powerhouse initiative.

Ms Oviri has already carried out work with the Northern Powerhouse in her role as a business consultant and believes that a Port of Tyne free port could be one of the most significant developments for the region since the industrial revolution.

She said: "For South Shields and Tyneside, Brexit provides a huge opportunity.

"By turning South Shields and the rest of Tyneside into a Freeport it will bring huge investment into the area as well as hundreds of jobs.

"It will make it the British version of Dubai which has been one of the great economic success stories.

"This will be a vital part of making the Northern Powerhouse a real powerhouse of the the British and world economies."

Ms Oviri is backing Boris Johnson's deal which means Britain can leave the EU by the end of January.

Ms Oviri said: "Labour has betrayed the voters in its heartlands and Brexit has exposed them.

"I promise to listen to the people of South Shields, to fight for the area and be a voice for people in Parliament.

"South Shields can share in the prosperity of Brexit Britain and I intend to ensure that it does."

The other candidates in the exelection on December 12 are Emma Louise Lewell-Buck (Labour Party); Sarah Jean McKeown (Green Party); William James Shepherd (Liberal Democrats): Geoff Thompson (Independent) and Glenn Michael Thompson (Brexit Party).