'It's not gonna be Glastonbury is it' - what you had to say about plans to use South Shields park as events space

Proposals to use North Marine Park in South Shields for live events have split the opinions of Gazette readers.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 1:25 pm
Campaigners against the plans in North Marine Park.

Campaigners against the plans, which have been submitted by South Tyneside Council, are calling for the park to be kept free from noise, with Bents Park and South Marine Park already used for events in the borough.

If approved, the proposals would enable the council to allow shows in the park seven days a week, between the times of 10am and 8pm. This could include plays, live or recorded music and dance events.

Gazette readers have been having their say about plans for North Marine Park.

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Others backed the calls of campaigners to keep the park quiet, saying the location's "relaxing" nature should be preserved to give residents a choice of places to go.

More than 170 people have signed a petition against the plans, which can be commented on by the public until June 12.

North Marine Park users against South Tyneside Council's proposal to hold events in the park.

Here is how you reacted to the news on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Sarah Lizzy Laidlaw: "I agree with them I love to walk my dogs in that park because it’s quiet not a lot of children and families like the south so it’s more relaxing and the squirrels and things will be so disturbed there’s no need to use this park as it says there [is] Bents Park and South Marine Park and not to mention the amphitheatre. I say leave the park as it is I’ll sign."

Lorraine Thompson: "Great idea. It won’t be every day and won’t take up every available inch of the park anyway."

Joanne Elliott: "I think it’s a good idea."

Lissy Morton: "South Shields is dying, the shops are all closing. This can only be a good thing."

Phil Bryden: "I'm with the campaigners on this one. The relaxing nature of the park should be preserved for those seeking a quieter retreat from the hustle and bustle of the seafront."

Dave Warner: "What you moaning about man, it’s not gonna be Glastonbury is it."

Valerie Nichol: "Great idea should [have] been done years ago ... get the people and money into the town."

Tom Martin: "I live very close to the North Marine Park and it is a lovely quiet place to go for walks and I don't think the events planned from this application will disrupt that at all."

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Sue Burnet: "The town relies a lot on its leisure activities to bring revenue into the town ... stop being such sticks in the mud."

Rachael Milne: "We are lucky to have three parks here. One for large events and music. One for on the go families with a cafe, boating lake and train. Lastly a quieter park for bird watching, relaxed picnics and perfect for families with children that may have autism or ADHD as the other two parks can be too noisy and busy."

Maria Brown: "Surely anything that brings life back to the town is a good thing."

Ian Hannent: "Brilliant idea. Hope it happens."

Matthew Giles: "We need different parks for different purposes and North Marine is the only park on the sea front which is left alone for those who prefer somewhere quieter."

Rob Hinds: "They used to do events years ago! I remember going as a kid."

Rob Lawson: "I don’t disapprove on principle, however I don’t really see why this is needed. The Bents Park has always been the live entertainment area."

Tracey Mckenzie: "Do they realise that these events generate business into the town?"

Raymond Bosworth: "It’s a good idea it will pull people into the area again and people will spend."