Majority of readers say ALL schools should be inspected, regardless of ratings

Every school in England currently rated by Ofsted as ‘outstanding’, will be inspected in the next five years under new proposals from the Department for Education.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 13th January 2020, 6:00 am
A massive majority in our poll wants regular Ofsted inspections for all schools, even if their previous inspection was "Outstanding".

An exemption, introduced in 2012 under which “outstanding” schools did not have to face routine Ofsted inspections, would be scrapped. This means schools of all grades will be given equal scrutiny. Is this necessary?

We asked: “Do you think all schools should be regularly inspected, regardless of their rating?”

At the time of writing 400 people had voted in our Facebook poll, with 97% saying yes, just 3% no. Here are some reactions.

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Craig Seago said: “All schools should be checked and if they fail to reach standards they should be given time to amend their score, if they fail again. Look at replacing the head or getting them a mentor until they reach the required standard. Instead of rushing to close schools down in a town which is growing in population growing year on year.”

Rachel Mavin asked: “Who said no?”

Kelly Cairns said: “Yes! My son’s old school hadn't been inspected for 10 years because it got outstanding. So much changes in that time. For the worse in this case. They failed the Ofsted visit when they finally did one last year.”

Angela Young agreed, saying: “Yes they need to be inspected as policies and expectations change within the time frame.”

Lynn Elliott said: “Some people base their decision about where to send their children on Ofsted reports. So to me, how can such an important decision be made with out of date information?”