New look is a badge of honour as community helps update school’s logo and uniform

A school is ready for a class new look as it revamps its pupils’ uniform.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 6:00 am
Bede Burn Primary School is to introduce a new uniform with artwork designed by parent David O'Malley.

Bede Burn Primary in Jarrow has brought together ideas from its children, parents, governors and staff to create a fresh badge and settle on a different colour scheme.

As of next September, the logo featuring a Viking ship will be replaced with a new badge.

How the new badge will look on the school's sweater.

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It will see the boat continue to make an appearance to represent a sense of adventure and it will be joined by a musical note added to symbolise its performances including plays, a tree to show how pupils are growing and projects including its forest school and hands holding stars, which shows the school is reaching for the stars and represents how it cares.

The design has been pulled together by David O’Malley, whose daughter Kate attends the Dene Terrace school.

The badge will go on the new sweaters, which will change from black to jade, and polo shirts, which will see the yellow ones children wear now replaced with white ones.

Headteacher Nicola Faulkner said: “At the start of the autumn term, we had a meeting of the school council and we were thinking how the badge is not really a clear representation of us as a school.
“We wanted to really show its direction and started to carry out a consultation with the parents and the children over the design.

The badge as it will look on the school's polo shirts.

“We’ve been showing it around school and they absolutely adored it and they are really happy to have played a part in it.

“I asked David to put his invoice in to school as he has spent an extraordinary amount of time on drafting and redrafting.

“He won’t accept any money and would like us to instead spend the money on some art activities and resources for the children, to nurture the next generation of artists.”

The green jumper also aims to brighten up the uniform.