The 10 schools in South Tyneside which have expelled or suspended the most children in the last academic year

Over 900 children were permanently excluded or suspended from schools in South Tyneside over the last academic year.

The latest Government figures have revealed that in 2020/21, 924 pupils were expelled or suspended from South Tyneside schools, the lowest number of all 12 Local Authorities in the North East.

Schools in South Tyneside permanently excluded 15 children which works out at a rate of 0.07 pupils out of every 100 being given this sanction.

In the same year, there were 909 suspensions, at a rate of 4.1 pupils out of every 100 children being given a temporary suspension from school.

Across England, 3,928 children were permanently excluded from school in the 2020/21 academic year - around five in every 10,000.

The most common reason for permanent exclusions was persistent disruptive behaviour, and the second most common was physically assaulting another pupil.

The number of expelled pupils fell by 22 per cent from 2019/20, when there were 5,057 permanent exclusions.

However, suspensions increased by 13 per cent across England. In total 352,454 children were suspended from schools in 2020/21, up from 310,733 the year before. This is the equivalent of 425 pupils per 10,000.

Obviously larger schools with more pupils will potentially exclude and suspend more pupils and so exclusion and suspension rates – the number of children sanctioned per 100 of the school population – are also included.

Schools will also have different boundaries and policies at which exclusions and suspensions will be sanctioned, particularly when comparing primary and secondary schools.

Here are the top ten ranked schools in South Tyneside based on the volume of exclusions and suspensions in 2020/21.

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