Yes or no? Readers have their say on future of South Shields School after latest Ofsted report - and whether it should still close

Campaigners have called to keep a school earmarked for closure open to pupils after improvements in its standards.

Friday, 7th June 2019, 4:36 pm
There have been a number of protests against the closure of South Shields School.

Ofsted previously rated South Shields School “inadequate”, leading to the decision that it would close in 2020.

But now, education inspectors say the school has made “marked improvements”, which has in turn prompted campaigners to call for South Tyneside Council to reconsider its closure.

There have been a number of protests against the closure of South Shields School.

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This did not happen for South Shields School.

Parents, staff and politicans have campaigned against the decision since it was confirmed in January this year – and getting in touch on social media, many Gazette readers have backed their calls saying it would be a waste of a “perfectly good school” to shut it down.

South Shields School protest over closure with NASUWT, staff, parents and children.

Here is what readers had to say on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Tracey Mckenzie: “Yes without a doubt an amazing school would recommend to anyone. But clearly everyone has had different experiences. I can’t praise the team of teachers and headmistress enough!”

Valerie Nichol: “Definitely. Taxpayers are paying for it open or shut if it's going to thrive give it a chance.”

Rachel Mavin: “If the school is improving then why shouldn't it?”

Ian Kerton: “It should never have been considered for closure.”

David Gray: “Yes keep it open. Disgusting to close a perfectly good school.”

Michelle Louise Stonehouse: “Personally I think it should stay open if it is improving!”

Paul Fletch: “If the work being done is seeing the standards rise then there should be a reprieve.”

Rebecca Bailey: “Very annoyed our school wasn't given a chance.”

Oliver Wallhead: “As losses go £24m is a bit of a biggy. Unreal that it was even considered to throw in the towel on the project. Glad it is improving.”

Phil Brown: “It should never have come under threat of closure, 6,000 people signed a petition in less than a calender month.”

Mickey Newly: “The door is already closed. No reprieve the writing’s on the wall.”