'Just as safe as a flu jabs' - Your views on coronavirus booster vaccines ahead of JCVI guidance

Vaccination experts are due to set out guidance on Covid booster jabs in the coming weeks.

Ahead of an announcement from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which is expected before Monday, September 6, we asked for readers’ views on taking a third dose of a Covid vaccine.

Plans have been drawn up for the NHS to deliver a joint coronavirus and flu jab drive in the autumn, pending a decision on whether or not booster jabs are needed.

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It is understood that the results from a number of clinical trials are expected later in the summer.

A doctor draws up the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at a pop-up vaccination centre. Picture: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images.

We asked readers if having a coronavirus booster jab would make them feel safer over the winter months. This is what they had to say on our social media pages:

Stella Watson: “It will be the same as getting the flu jab every year so I will be getting both.”

Joyce Galley: “We have a flu jab every year so it makes perfect sense to have a Covid one as well.”

Les Hodgson: “A vaccine with no long-term experience or study, not sure. I don't go out much or mix. I'm used to hands, space, it's my new normal, no matter what others think.”

Gordon Chalk: “The reason the death rate is very low is because [of] all the vaccines, help us all survive Covid. Please get double jabbed everyone!”

Richard Pressling: “I had the jab to protect me, I wear the mask to protect others. It's freedom of choice, and showing respect.”

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Sheila Robinson: “Don't think I'll bother, life [is] still no different now to when we were promised the earth if we had two jabs.”

Carl Gracey: “Four injections in 10 months - can’t believe people are comfortable with this.”

David A Turnbull: “Just as safe as a flu jab.”

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Tomo Thomas: “It’s only common sense isnt it, that as the virus evolves, the vaccine will need updating too to cover the likes of delta and other future variants.”

Luke Metcalf: “Wouldn't bother me, I'll happily get them. It will be like the yearly flu jab see zero issue with it.”

David Wheelhouse: “The first two jabs don't make me feel any safer.”

Bartle Rippon: “No not necessary. Flu one yes.”

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