The South Tyneside gymnastic champs not letting self-isolation stop them flying high

South Tyneside gymnasts are using the power of social media to continue their training for the world championships during the coronavirus lockdown.

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club has been sharing their motivational training videos on Facebook to keep each other moving while they self-isolate.

The videos are a combination of those recorded at the club - before it closed due to the outbreak of Covid-19 - and the gymnasts’ own home workouts.

Chloe Heley, Ruby Oliver and Megan Neal won gold for Great Britain in Mexico in 2019.

Trio Chloe Healey, 15, Megan Neal, 14, Ruby Oliver, 12, were selected for Team GB in the women’s aged 12-18 group.

Meanwhile gymnasts Oliver Mattinson, 26 and Ellen Proud, 14, were called up for the mixed seniors.


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Olivia Parker, Lauren Conlin and Hannah Smith

Although the competition has been postponed the athletes are sticking to their intensive training programmes as much as they can from home, says coach Ian Said.

“The closure will have a huge impact on their training,” he said.

“Not being able to use the gym they can’t stick to their full training but they are staying fit by working on their programmes from home.


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“It’s to try and maintain some mobility and strength, so when we get back we can hit the ground running.

Oliver Mattinson and Ellen Proud.

He added: “They have responded fantastically, some of them have even been getting their parents involved and have recorded them having a go at some of the exercises.

Every other day the club is also sharing inspiration for those who are now unable to attend classes.


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“The videos are aimed at those gymnasts who can’t attend at the moment, to give them some ideas of how they can maintain their levels of fitness,” Ian added.

“It’s just to keep up that motivation.”

Visit South Tyneside Gymnastics and Wellbeing Centre on Facebook.