FEELING GREAT: How too many cups of coffee can result in you feeling tired

Now you may remember last week when I wrote about the joys of morning coffee. It is part of my daily routine and gets me off to a great start to the day.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 19th January 2022, 12:00 am
Many see coffee as just the stimulant that they need; one cup is OK, but anything more than that and you will likely feel even more tired.
Many see coffee as just the stimulant that they need; one cup is OK, but anything more than that and you will likely feel even more tired.

But how about that second cup? Or the third? Or fourth? There is a problem with excessive coffee: it’s easy to confuse what it does for you.

Sure, it will give you a slight boost due to the caffeine and adrenaline it releases, the stuff that makes you feel alert, but an excess of caffeine and the reverse is likely to happen. Too much too soon drains your body of its adrenaline and you’re going to feel tired.

Let me give you another example of how adrenaline works: what I’ve just described is the type of feeling that happens to runners involved in a big race – even one such as the Great North Run and if you have just entered the ballot for 2022 then remember this if you are on the start line come September.

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Participants are often so excited beforehand, just to be part of something so big and so good, that they are unable to keep emotions in check and will drain too much adrenaline. That means that 20 minutes or so into the race they’re struggling to keep the pace and can’t understand why they feel so exhausted, despite having trained well.

Obviously, while in training, there was an absence of the pre-race excitement and all the adrenaline was kept in check, released slowly throughout the training run, as and when it was needed.

Now think about the two o’clock lull that happens in every office, almost every day - that time of day when you’re a little tired and wish you could perk yourself up. Many see coffee as just the stimulant they need. One cup is OK, but anything more and you will likely feel even more tired. And as you feel more tired, it’s likely that you’re in a self-perpetuating cycle. There’s a temptation to keep downing the coffee thinking it’s going to make you alert – when it’s having the opposite effect and making you feel WORSE.

You’ve only got so much adrenaline to be used each day, and pumping your body full of caffeine will quickly empty that reserve.

How many cups of coffee are you drinking? If it’s more than two, maximum three, the effect that it’s having may not be the one you’re intending – and sure isn’t a healthy one!

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