Gazette readers share their fond memories of The Nook's Luigi Minchella over the years

A recent story taking you on a trip through the years at The Nook sparked memories for many of a popular ice cream parlour.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 12:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th October 2019, 10:09 am
Readers have shared their memories of Luigi Minchella.
Readers have shared their memories of Luigi Minchella.

The North East favourite, Minchella, has been around for years.

Inspired by their father, the Minchella brothers Luigi, Toney and Feddy opened and developed each of the three well-known companies with the family name: Minchella & Co, Luigi Minchella Ltd and Toney Minchella.

Today, Minchella & Co still have the popular stores on Ocean Road and Sea Road, in South Shields but when Gazette readers spotted the Luigi Minchella ice cream parlour in a look through The Nook’s past, they were keen to share their fond memories of the store.

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Sandy Ardley said: “Lovely treat when we were at The Nook.”

Victoria Eskdale-Ridley commented: “We lived opposite Minchellas. Loved going there for quarters of sweeties.”

Páidi Seo said: “Oh. Had my first Knickerbocker glory there.”

Geri Smith added: “Loved Luigi Minchella at The Nook. Couple of doors up from Woolworths. Happy days.”

Alan Lane said: “Best ice cream ever.”

It appeared to be a family treat for many.

Kelly A Burgess said: “My dad used to take me on a Sunday when were little and mam was at work.”

Gillian Lewis commented: “Loved going to Minchellas for a Horlicks. Used to get sent to Minchellas on a Sunday for a block of ice cream so we could have ice cream floats after Sunday dinner.”

Lynn Mckenna said: “Coming from the nook, Saturdays were special to us. Out weekend trip. Soda pop special treat.”

Angela Price added: “My nanna always went in there to have a cup of tea every time she popped to The Nook.”

Others remember working there.

Suzanne New said: “My very first job was here! Just a few weeks over the summer but I remember it well.”

Linda Wood added: “My first job working at Minchellas at 16. I remember Val and little aunt Nellie well.”

Dawn Hull commented: “My first Saturday job there in the 70s.”

Alison Scott added: “I worked at this Minchellas when I was 14 or 15!”

Vanessa Brennan said: “I worked there when I was 16.”