In the summertime when the weather was fine - 9 retro 70s summer shots from South Tyneside in the sunshine

Sunbathing at South Shields and paddling pools in Hebburn. It’s all part of the summer fun you had in South Tyneside in the early 1970s.

Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 8:30 am
How many of these sunshine scenes do you remember?
How many of these sunshine scenes do you remember?

An open air youth club in Jarrow and music in the park were other treats you may remember from balmy summers of the past in the borough.

We looked through the Shields Gazette archives to find these photos which all come from the summers of 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1973.

But how many do you remember. Let’s warm up the memories with a look back at sunshine scenes from a time gone by.

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St Hilda's play group members take advantage of the sunshine to enjoy a cooling paddling pool in July 1971.
Girl competitors during a break in the South Shields and Westoe Lawn Tennis Club's junior tennis tournament at Wood Terrace in July 1971.
South Shields beach on a hot day in August 1970.
The Marsden Coastliners in the parade for the annual carnival arranged by the Blue Stars Juvenile Jazz Band at South Shields in August 1972. Can you spot someone you know?
Members of the open air youth club in West Park, Jarrow. Who remembers this from August 1970?
Local pop group Fogg taking part in a carnival week show at South Shields amusement park. Does this bring back memories from August 1973?
The Hebburn Play Group in August 1971. Were you a part of it?
Trow Rocks in July 1972.
Ashley Road School playground in July 1971. Were you a pupil there in the 1970s?
It's a sun-soaked line-up of recollections but what do you remember of South Tyneside summers in the early 1970s? Tell us more by emailing [email protected]