Remembering life in South Tyneside in the early 1990s - Presto, Poundstretcher and a novelty new night out

It was the era of quizokes in Hebburn, Catherine Cookson riding high in the book charts and changing fortunes for King Street.

If the early 90s was your favourite era for socialising, take a look at these memories of shopping, sitting in front of the telly, singing on the karaoke while quizzing at the same time, and settling down with a top read.

It was in 1994 that The Diamond in King Street closed with the loss of eight jobs.

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That took the number of store closures in the town to three in just a week. We also said goodbye to Presto supermarket in North Street and the Poundstretcher at Western Approach, which jointly employed 50 staff. Who remembers them.

Remembering South Tyneside in the early 1990s.

As a further reminder of the year, you could watch Watchdog, The Brittas Empire and Panorama on BBC1.

Perhaps you preferred a good read and what could be better than a Catherine Cookson offering.

As for the lady herself, Catherine was set to be conferred a Dame in the early 90s in the same year that she was once again named as the most popular novelist in the country’s libraries with 16 books in the top 100 borrowed in 1992.

But if you fancied a night out, how about McConnell’s in Campbell Park Road in Hebburn. It was holding a quizoke where a quiz and a karaoke were all on the programme. Was it a favourite of yours?

American Civil War group, The Bull Run met at Hebburn’s Workingmen’s Club in the 90s.

If you were planning an overhaul of your record collection, you could sell your CDs, records and tapes to Jump in Station Road. In case you don’t remember it, it was near La Strada.

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As for live entertainment, 200 members of an American Civil War group, The Bull Run were meeting at Hebburn’s Workingmen’s Club in Witton Road. Were you a member?

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What are your memories of South Tyneside life back then?

The Diamond in King Street.
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Which was your favourite pub? Which nightclub did you love the most and which of South Tyneside’s shops were the best for a bargain?

We would love your reflections on the borough all that time ago.

Tell us more by emailing [email protected]

Catherine Cookson pictured meeting her fans.
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Jump Records in Station Road. Was it a hit with you in the 90s?