'That's what our town needs now' - Nine memories of trips to Binns in South Shields

Readers have shared there treasured memories of high street favourite, Binns, 24 years after the department store closed.

Monday, 19th August 2019, 12:23 pm
Binns department store
Binns department store

Dozens of people have told their stories of the King Street department shop, whether it was trips to the cafe with the grandparents, a visit to see Santa in his Grotto or a queuing to pick up a brand new toy.

Here what they had to say:

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Binns celebrated its 50th anniversary in town in 1977 and the occasion was marked in style. General manager K Price, is pictured cutting the cake with, left to right, E Dennison, G Witten, and Mrs R Cooper also in the photograph.

Susan Smith: “My Nana used to take me for ice cream in the cafe. It was always lovely. Waiter/waitress service and served in a proper silver dish.”

Sharon Elizabeth Scott: “Used binns from being a child to visit Santa's grotto, then going or tea with nana on Saturdays, then got my hair done for my wedding the day Muhammad Ali came to South shields, then buying all my appliances there. It was handy to buy presents. Miss that shop and many others in King Street.”

Yvonne Heilbron: “I remember buying my material from Binns for my bridesmaid dresses and that was 46 years ago also top floor they would be a photographer would come in on occasions and take photos of your family, well children, I remember taking my two to get their photos taken there. Staff were always helpful and friendly, that's what our town needs now, not loads of empty shops.”

Kim Carnaffin: “Got my ears pierced there when I was little, also used to take my pocket money along every Saturday and go to the toy dept in the basement and get a matchbox car. Lovely memories.”

Everyone loves a sale and here are the Binns customers ready to grab a bargain in 1975.

Victoria Ross: “As a kid I used to have my hair cut in the Hair Salon by Doris. I remember choosing my Cabbage Patch Kid doll from the toy department, then my first job, (Saturday job at 14), in the shoe department, I loved Binns!”

Anjali Hart: “My first job when I left school, dressing the windows! I was there until it closed down.”

Sue Cartwright: “Buying all my appliances for my first flat, all the different payment books, would go down on a Friday and pay something off them.”

Kate Crookston: “Standing in a queue for the release of the first Ninga turtles.”

Linda Richardson: “My Dad buying me a twin dolls pram and the money system which went round the store from the till to the accounts department via a tube.”