What a selection of Westoe Crown Primary School photos - but how many do you remember?

We’ve got Pudsey and we’ve got a prom, we’ve got bonnets and we’ve got buses - and the common denominator for them all is Westoe Crown Primary School.

Sunday, 6th October 2019, 5:45 pm
Updated Sunday, 6th October 2019, 5:45 pm
Here's the scene from a 2010 Children in Need fundraiser. Recognise anyone?
Here's the scene from a 2010 Children in Need fundraiser. Recognise anyone?

We’ve stepped back into our archives to find a selection of retro photos from the school over the years.

And what a busy and fun time the pupils seem to have had, doing lots of different things during their time in and out of school.

So join us on a journey through stage shows, charity events and lots more besides.

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These young students enjoyed a prom seven years ago and look at the transport they had! Remember this?

And please get in touch with your memories of the school.

The Westonbury festival at the school in 2015. Recognise anyone you know?
Can you spot anyone you know in this 2010 Nativity scene?
Classmates from Westoe Crown enjoyed Minchellas ice cream at Minchellas South Marine Park in 2011. Who recalls this scene?
Christmas dinner at the school in 2005.
South Shields Bus Preservation Society bus conductor Barry Dobson, with pupils from Westoe Crown Primary School five years ago. Does this scene bring back memories?
Who can tell us more about this scene from 2010?
Westoe Crown Primary School pupils wearing their Jeans for Genes Day in 2011. Remember this?
Can you recognise any of the pupils pictured in 2006?
The Westoe Crown Primary after-school health and beauty club in 2014. Spot anyone you know?
Easter bonnets galore in this 2012 scene.
Pudsey faces were part of the school uniform for these pupils for a day in 2005.
These pupils look like they were having a great time at the Westoe Crown Primary Sports Relief day in 2012.
Pupils served up fresh fruit and a display of dance in this 2011 event which promoted healthy living.
The reception class in 2010. Who can you recognise?
These pupils got to review new Disney books in 2011. Remember this?
An unusual visitor in 2011 but does this scene bring back memories?
A lovely Nativity scene but can you spot anyone you know?
These children were taking part in Sport Relief in 2014.
Who do you recognise in this photo from 13 years ago?
Do these scenes bring back happy memories? If they do, email [email protected] and tell us more.