17 jobs to do in your garden this weekend


The cold weather is no excuse to stay out of the garden. There’s still plenty to be done:

1) Turn compost heaps and tuck them up for winter.

2) Tree peonies and camellias will benefit from bonemeal and a top dressing with compost.

3) Cut back and remove dying foliage from pond edges, and net pond.

4) Apply grease bands to fruit trees and their stakes.

5) Stack shredded leaves before using them as mulch. Remove mulch from around soft fruit bushes to expose pests. Burn debris.

6) Remove saucers from under container plants to prevent frost damage to plants or pots.

7) Harvest orchard fruit - store only those in perfect condition.

8) When tidying borders, don’t cut back slightly tender plants. Mulch them deeply to protect against a hard winter.

9) Plant new rhubarb crowns.

10) Plant herbaceous perennials and clematis and autumn-flowering cyclamen will establish well if planted now while they are in flower.

11) Prepare bean trenches for next spring, with veg waste and cardboard/newspapers.

12) Cover parsley with cloches so that it crops through winter.

13) If you’ve got tender plants, bring them indoors before they get killed by the frost. Choose a light, frost-free place such as a greenhouse or cold frame. Keep them on the dry side during the winter, so they don’t put on much growth.

14) Lift maincrop potatoes on a dry day and store in bags in a cool dark place.

15) Leave bean plant roots in the soil - they add nitrogen and can be dug in later.

16) Cut back old wood on blackcurrants and gooseberries.

17) Plant daffodil and crocus bulbs. Tulips can wait until next month.

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