Good idea or nanny state law? 16 things you said about plans to fit speed limiters on new cars

It is one of a number of safety measures set to become standard on all new cars sold in the UK if approved.

You have been sharing your views on speed limiters. Picture: PA.
You have been sharing your views on speed limiters. Picture: PA.

But the potential introduction of speed limiters has split the opinion of our readers, with some welcoming the change and others criticising the idea as "Big Brother".

The European Commission has granted provisional approval to plans making intelligent speed assistance mandatory in all new cars, along with a number of other safety measures set to become the standard.

These include wiring to enable the fit of an in-car breathalyser and autonomous emergency braking.

Dozens of you got in touch on social media to comment on the technology, with some hailing it as a "good thing" to make the roads safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Others made criticism of the plans and had concerns about the ability to overwrite the system.

Posting on Facebook, a number of readers also slammed the move as "too controlling" and like that of a "nanny state".

Intelligent speed assistance is already fitted to many modern cars and uses traffic sign recognition and/or GPS location data to determine local speed limits.

It then limits engine power to prevent the car accelerating above that limit.


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The system can be overridden by the driver pressing hard on the accelerator and the European Transport Safety Council has suggested that there should initially be a control to deactivate it completely.

Here is what you had to say on social media:

Chris Barron: "Wouldn't be needed if folk obeyed the speed limits."


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Mike McLaughlin: "This can only be a good thing for the most part."

Alan Oliver: "And how much will it add to the cost of a new car?"

Michael Dunbar: "In built-up residential areas I think it’s a good idea."

James Holt: "I agree that cars should be limited, but they should not be allowed to be overridden."


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Tony Massam: "Another EU law we don’t need."

Terry Tal Wilson: "Don't like the idea."

Barry Ward: "This is just another way of controlling what we do, how we do it."


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Raymond Bosworth: "It’s not the cars it’s the people behind the wheel that speed."

Darren Waddle: "It has been proven new cars can stop in shorter distances at higher speeds than the cars that where available when the speed limit was set."

Ian Richardson: "Smaller, more friendly cars are needed for the environment sounds like a long overdue move."

Tom Martin: "Anything that makes the roads safer I'm in favour of, especially for pedestrians and cycle users."


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James Brown Sinclair: "Worst idea ever, sometimes when in danger it’s best to put your foot down to avoid dangerous situations."

Sean Waldron: "Must be some leeway in this, I agree with speed limiters great idea. But at times speed can get you out of certain situations."

Neil Thompson: "Nanny state."

Sean Dixon: "If people want to speed then they'll speed, it's a simple matter of pushing the accelerator harder to bypass it, so waste of time really."