Where's the cheapest place to get petrol near you?

As supermarkets are urged by the RAC to cut their petrol prices, we want to know of the best fuel prices near you.

Where have you seen the cheapest petrol?
Where have you seen the cheapest petrol?

According to figures from PetrolPrices.com, correct as of February 14, these are the current minimum prices for fuel per litre:

Unleaded: 110.9

Diesel: 113.7

Super Unleaded: 118.9

Premium Diesel: 126.9

LPG: 59.9

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The same figures say that, on average, a litre of unleaded petrol currently costs 121.6.

Simon Williams, fuel spokesman for the RAC, has urged "the big four supermarkets" to make further cuts to their fuel prices as the wholesale price continues to fall.

What is the cheapest price you've spotted for fuel lately? Get in touch with us on social media to let us know where, and how much.