Demolition day approaches for landmark flats

Westmorland Court, Hebburn
Westmorland Court, Hebburn

THE demolition of one of Hebburn town centre’s most famous landmarks is a step closer.

Tower block Westmorland Court is set to be flattened as part of multi-million-pound refurbishment plans for the town, spearheaded by the £12.8m community hub development.

Dominating the town centre for 40 years, the outmoded housing block has been plagued by fires and anti-social issues.

South Tyneside Council’s cabinet approved its demolition in February last year, and the transfer of its tenants to alternative accommodation is ongoing.

Now it has emerged that the majority of tenants in the tower block have been found alternative accommodation – paving the way for it to be flattened sooner rather than later.

Yesterday, members of Hebburn Community Area Forum received a report on town centre regeneration.

The report, from David Cramond, the council’s corporate director for economic regeneration, says: “The cabinet decided in February last year that in order to secure significant improvement in the town centre housing offer, Westmorland Court should be demolished.

“The decant programme is going well, with over 50 per cent of the units now empty.

“We have rehoused 64 residents and a further seven have accepted offers to move, leaving 61 units occupied.”