These are the best pubs in the North East according to The Pub Guide 2020 - which ones have you been to?

Looking for a new drinking spot?

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 3:38 pm

These 42 pubs in the North East come highly recommended, having all appeared in this year's The Pub Guide 2020, from AA. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

7 Akenside Hill, NE1 3UF
25 Broad Chare, Quayside, NE1 3DQ

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31 Side, NE1 3JE
57 Low Lights, NE30 1JA
Hawfinch Drive, NE66 2BF
Sandpiper Way, NE65 0FF
High Street, NE65 0LD
Military Road, NE47 7AN
Barrasford, Hexham NE48 4AA
The Wynding, NE67 5A
The Square, Blanchland DH8 9SP
Consett DH8 9LX
Stannersburn, NE48 1DD
Main Road, NE66 5PS
Main Street, NE45 5LA
Haven Hill, NE66 3TR
15 The Village, NE66 2TX
Ellingham, Chathill NE67 5HA
The Peth, West Thirston, NE65 9EE
Ratcliffe Road, NE47 6ER
High View, Hedley on the Hill, NE43 7SW
Wark, NE48 3LS
Dipton Mill Road, NE46 1YA
Main Street, Acomb, NE46 4PW
Anick, NE46 4LN
Weldon Bridge, NE65 8AX
Front St, Longframlington, NE65 8DP
Linden Hall, NE65 8XF
The Square, NE66 3EL
Lucker, Belford, NE70 7JH
Main Road, NE71 6JD
Saint Mary’s Lane, St Mary’s Park, NE61 6BL
3 Cherrywell, Netherton, NE65 7HD
Stanegate Road, NE47 5AR
Newton, Stocksfield NE43 7UL
Newton-on-the-Moor, NE65 9JY
North Road, NE20 9UH
Bamburgh Castle Inn, Seahouses, NE68 7SQ
9 Main Street, NE68 7RD
Slaggyford, CA8 7PB
Warden, NE46 4SQ
Warenford, NE70 7HY