LIFE IS LOVELY: Preparations are in full swing for new baby's arrival

Preparations for our baby girl are in full swing now we have our cesarean section date.

As we are now into the middle of September, the days are getting closer until our daughter arrives, and now we’ve been given a date for the planned c-section it’s not far away.

A recent phone call with the consultant determined the section date would be Monday, November 14, which really isn’t long away considering how fast this year has gone already.

With a confirmed date it means we can plan ahead and know exactly when our daughter will enter the world, providing I don’t go into labour beforehand.

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I decided to opt for an elective c-section this time as I was induced with our son Elijah which took 16 hours to kick in before I started going into labour.

My actual labour was 22 hours long and with complications throughout Elijah had to be delivered via emergency c-section. The whole experience was traumatic and exhausting and I don’t want to put my body through that again.

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It is such a relief knowing I won’t have to go through all of that this time round and things will go a lot smoother.


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However, I remember from last time just how hard recovery can be from a c-section, after all the do have to cut through a number of layers of skin to get the baby out leaving you feeling sore and unable to do certain things for some time after.

I’m also glad I’ve opted for c-section as a recent scan showed she was measuring at 3lbs with still two months to go. Elijah weighed 9lbs 7.5oz when born and it’s looking like this baby could be even bigger.

I certainly don’t want to be pushing a baby that size.

Now that pregnancy is drawing to a close I’ll be packing my hospital bag awaiting her arrival. Although it is hard to decide what she’ll wear as her coming home outfit with already so many clothes to choose from.


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While I’m not looking forward to the recovery side of things, it will be worth it to have our little girl here to complete our family.