LIFE IS LOVELY: The knack of keeping children entertained when working from home

Working from home and keeping a child entertained is not an impossible task, here is how I do it.

Since the pandemic, working from home has become normal for many people.

Even as restrictions have been lifted for some time now, many companies still offer employees remote or hybrid working opportunities – but how do you keep a child entertained whilst working from home?

I am lucky enough to be a hybrid worker so I can go in the office as little or as often as I like which works really well for me having a toddler.

Elijah playing with his building blocks

Not only am I saving time and money on commuting, but it makes things easier childcare-wise as it means Elijah can stay with me on days I am working from home.

At first it was challenging trying to work out how I would balance looking after him whilst trying to write stories and interviewing people on the phone.

However, we soon got into a rhythm and it has worked out fine.

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The best way to keep children occupied while you are working from home is making sure they have variety of things to do throughout the day so their days don’t become boring or repetitive.

Introduce new toys occasionally so they aren’t playing with the same ones day in day out or set up an area around your work station they can get creative such as colouring, painting or messy play.

If your child likes kids TV shows like Elijah then let them have some time to watch their favourite programmes on their tablet or television just so you can have some quiet time to focus on your work. I’ve also discovered plenty of snacks keeps them quiet too!

While it can get boring sitting in the house all day, you could spend your lunch break going for a little walk so your little one can have a change of scenery and fresh air.


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You can also make use of your garden on fine days and sit outside to work and let your child run free in the garden playing with a ball or other garden toys.

It’s not impossible working from home with a child, just find activities and a routine that works for you both.