GARDENING: Free seeds, anyone?

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HOW do you fancy two free packets of seeds worth £4.65?

That’s the offer if you place any order, no matter how small, with Plant World Seeds.

Himalayan blue poppy (Meconopsis baileyi, worth £2.80) and bush tomato Hundreds and Thousands (worth £1.85) are the seeds on offer.

The Himalayan Blue Poppy is a 90cm tall hardy perennial, forming clumps of hairy leaves from which arise strong stems carrying heads of silky, kingfisher-blue, almost transparent petals with golden eyes.

Seeds can be sown at any time, but do best when started off in early spring.

Tomato Hundreds and Thousands carries masses of sweet, juicy, bite-sized tomatoes on this easy-to-grow bush variety.

The cascading plants are perfect for baskets, window boxes, tubs and patio containers and can be sown from now-April.

To claim your seeds, when you get to the payment stage, fill in the promotion code box with SUND5, then the two packets will be automatically added to your order free of charge.  

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