GARDENING: Jobs for the weekend, August 28, 2015

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GIVE hedges a final trim. They will only grow a little before cold weather stops growth.

Hyacinths, Paperwhite daffodils, Freesias, and Lachenalia corms can be planted in bowls now to achieve flowers for Christmas. Once they have put on 2.5cm (1in) growth, they can be taken into a cool room, only to be brought into a warm room in time to flower for the festive period.

Lawns on thin soils may benefit from a high phosphate feed. This will strengthen the roots for winter.

Dig over any areas to be grassed over later in the year. Leave them for a few weeks to allow weeds to re-emerge, and then hoe off to ensure thorough weed clearance before seeding or laying turf.

Keep picking autumn-fruiting raspberries and prune out fruited canes on summer-cropping varieties.

Summer prune apple and pear trees to encourage more fruiting spurs. Put grease bands on fruit trees to catch wingless winter moths.

Plant out rooted strawberry runners and pot some up to bring into the greenhouse later in winter for early fruits.

Vegetables to sow now include lettuces, spinach, land cress, purslane, beetroot, radishes, coriander, spring onions, calabrese, spring greens, turnips for their green tops, Swiss chard, winter spinach and hardy Japanese onions.

Sow hardy annuals to provide early spring blooms - pull up hardy annual plants if you don’t want them to set seed everywhere.

Harvest cucumbers regularly to promote further flower development.

Start watering dormant cyclamen to bring them back into growth after their summer rest.