GARDENING: Jobs to do this weekend

LOVELY PERFUME: Lily of the valley can be forced into growth under glass now.
LOVELY PERFUME: Lily of the valley can be forced into growth under glass now.

RAISE patio containers onto feet or bricks to avoid them sitting in the winter wet.

Now can be a good time to dig up perennial weeds with long tap roots, such as dandelions and mallow.

* Order seed catalogues for next year’s bedding and perennials, if not already done. It is not too late to research and order summer­-flowering bulbs for planting in the spring or during the winter.

* Michaelmas daisy mites on Aster novi­belgii cultivars can be a problem. Other asters, such as Aster novae­angliae and Aster ericoides, have more resistance.

* Grey mould or Botrytis can be problematic in wet weather.

* You can still order and plant containerised trees and shrubs, and large semi­-mature specimens for planting later in the winter, when bare­root plants are no longer available.

* Lily ­of ­the­ valley (Convallaria) can be dug up, potted and forced in the greenhouse.

* Rhizomes that are kept in a frost-­free greenhouse over winter will stay in active growth, but given a little heat, they will be ready to flower shortly after replanting in the garden next spring.

* Heat and/or insulation will be needed to keep the greenhouse frost free. A fan or paraffin heater should do the trick in small glasshouses. Maintaining higher temperatures will need more careful planning, and a better greenhouse heating system.

Insulation can help keep out the frost from the whole, or from a section, of the greenhouse.

* Watch your lawn for signs of waterlogging. You may be able to remedy this with some maintenance ­either now, next spring, or the following autumn.

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