GARDENING: On Grow For Flavour by James Wong

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IN his new Grow For Flavour book, TV botanist James Wong says that just as with big tins of chocolates at Christmas, the flavour of carrots and beetroot is linked to their colour.

Suttons Seeds has mixed the colours of the rainbow in 
seed tapes and packets with Rainbow Carrot Mixes, with orange, yellow, white and purple varieties.

There’s orange Early Nantes, sweet/earthy; white Creme 
De Lite, aromatic; Yellowstone, mild/sweet; Purple Sun, the sweetest.

The seed tape for Carrot Rainbow Mix costs £2.99, F1 Rainbow packet costs £1.75.

Rainbow Beetroot Mix has pink and white striped Chioggia, sweet/earthy; white Albina Vereduna has a potato-like texture; yellow Burpees Golden earthy with a hint of honey; purple Detroit is intensely sweet, 22 value plug plants, £5.99.

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James Wong’s Grow For Flavour book is available now, rrp £20.