North East’s men most likely to slap on the fake tan

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The region’s menfolk are said to be the most likely to give their skin a glow by using fake tan, according to new research.

New figures show that just over half of British men use of fake tan, with those living in Yorkshire and Humberside the least prolific male tanners in the UK. Researchers revealed that the average self-bronzed man spends £338 per year on fake tanning products.

According to the study carried out in the UK, almost two thirds of British men - 63% - will use fake tan this summer.

The study found that those in North East fake tanned the most frequently, followed by those living in London and Wales.

Almost two thirds of respondents said that they did so because it gives them more confidence, whilst nearly three fifths of men said that a fake tan ‘attracted more women’.

The study, conducted by, polled a total of 2,326 adults from around the UK as part of ongoing research into financial expenditure in different areas of the UK.

All respondents were males aged 18 and over, from an equal split of the various regions.

Respondents were initially asked ‘Have you ever fake tanned yourself?’ to which the majority of respondents (52%) revealed that they had done.

The remaining 48% of respondents said they’d never used fake tan.

Following on from this, researchers collected results on the regional proximity of the respondents polled. From this they were able to determine the most common areas of the UK for men to fake tan.

Results were revealed as follows:

1) North East – 16%

2) London – 14%

3) Wales – 13%

4) North West – 11%

5) South East – 9%

6) Northern Ireland – 9%

7) South West – 8%

8) East Midlands – 6%

9) East of England – 5%

10) West Midlands – 4%

11) Scotland – 3%

12) Yorkshire and the Humberside – 2%.