Why pupils were ‘barred’ from South Shields school

Some pictures just make you stop and stare – and wonder what was going on when the photo was taken.

Rob Venus doing research into his family history.

Can you help Rob trace the history of his great-great-grandfather?

The sea has brought a great many people to the shores of South Shields, and sent many others away again.

Stanhope Road Secondary School in the snow in February 1972.

Days of ’hope and glory

School days can be a bit of a “Marmite” subject, with some people loving them and others loathing them.

A man with a shovel tries to get this Mini moving in  February 1979..

Held tight in winter’s grip or sent sliding in the snow

You know the weather is bad when a snow shovel succumbs to the slippery conditions and ends up in a ditch.

Christine Pape being enrolled as a Guide with the 56th St Oswalds South Shields Company. Pictured are Guide Commissioner, Dorothy Corner. Centre, Guider Norma McNaney.

South Tyneside girl groups from the past

Over the years a great many youngsters from South Tyneside must have made their way through the ranks of the Girl Guides and other such movements.

The netball team, front, from left, Christine Gardner, Anne McNaughton, Michelle Richardson and Paula Larkin; back, from left, Julie Thompson, Nicola Longstaff, Michelle Wood and Michelle Preston.

Having a ball at South Tyneside school

Pupils at St Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School , in South Shields, appear to have had a ball over the years, judging by this selection of snapshots.

RAF wireless operator and air gunner and former Shields Gazette reporter Ronnie Stobbs.

RAF hero’s wartime letter home

With the introduction of more and more modern forms of communication, such as texting, few of us, these days, still bother to write letters to one another, which is a great shame.

The bus station at Jarrow in January 1970.

Hop on a bus journey back to South Tyneside’s past

Thankfully, all sorts of things set people off on a “journey” back to the past.

Robert Carruthers.

Can you help solve police chief photo puzzler?

An old photograph of a former South Shields police chief has got a family history researcher puzzled.

The  Alum House in February 1990.

Pubs and clubs you may recognise

Pubs and clubs come in all shapes and sizes, attracting a wide range of clientele.

Do you recognise the travel agents?

Remember when this was how we used to book our holidays?

It’s at this time of the year that thoughts turn to booking a holiday away.

Jackie Wales, Janet Wylie and Christine Whalen.

Festive pictures from Christmases past in South Shields

Some photos have a wonderful knack of capturing a moment in time – and these two certainly do just that.

Mr J G Robertson, a Redwell handicraft teacher, is pictured attending a craft course for South Shields teachers, along with three of his pupils in November 1969. They are, left to right, Derek Turnbull, Terence Thompson and George Gray.

Harking back to the days of model-making

You might find it hard to believe, but I used to do a bit of modelling in my younger days.

Memory Lane   November 1981  
South Shields Lions raised money in aid of the toy library for handicapped children.
Pictured left to right:  Colin Keogh, Dr Ravi Mehta, president, Howard Ashman, Peter Geddes, and Tatton l'Anson.

Fundraising with the Lions and playing pirates

Fundraising with the Lions and playing pirates in the school hall are just some of the memories recalled by readers following the publication of a couple of scene-setting photos.

A lovely seasonal image from 1952.

Childhood memories of Christmas in South Shields

It’s described in song as the most wonderful time of the year, and for many people it certainly is – and remains so.

Jarrow Community Amateur Operatic Societys production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Remembering when it was panto time on South Tyneside

They’ve been delighting audiences, young and old, for countless years, and still pantomimes remain as popular as ever.

Thompsons Television store in Fowler Street in 1974.

The Christmas telly we used to watch

There was a time when Christmas telly was an occasion for all the family to gather round “the box in the corner” and enjoy a whole host of so-called festive favourites.

Pupils of class J4 at St Peters School, Jarrow, pictured with class teacher Mrs Barbara McAllister.

Days of the school project

When you were at school, how many times did you have to do a project for this subject or that?

Start of the Colts individual and team race.

When runners took to South Tyneside streets

It’s just as well there was no ice on the road when these runners took to the streets in years gone by.

A winter scene at Simonside Hall.

Helping out at Simonside Hall

The Gazette’s recent picture spread of South Shields’ old football ground at Simonside Hall proved to be a winner, with lots of you coming up with some Premiership memories.

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