Workmen dig through the rubble in Saville Street following a bombing raid on South Shields in September 1941.

From blitzed London to bombed South Shields

It’s hardly surprising that wartime evacuee John Barker has spent much of his 79 years puzzling over why he and his brother, along with a train-load of other vulnerable EastEnders, were transported from the blitz in London to Luftwaffe-targeted South Shields.

Gary Wilkinson at the graveside of Avro and Anne.

Hit-man’s target settled in South Shields

The life and times of Avro Manhatten, an Italian-born baron whose artwork and writing made him friends and enemies throughout the world, and who chose to spend his final years, living with his wife in South Shields, are truly fascinating.

Children being evacuated during the Second World War.

From South Shields to rocket-stricken London

You may remember how, just a few weeks ago, Londoner John Barker got in touch, in the hope of shedding some light on a most traumatic time in his childhood – namely, being evacuated from his home in the capital to South Shields to escape the wartime blitz.

British troops in Cyprus during the 'emergency'.

Call to find families of fallen Cyprus veterans

A former Royal Horse Guardsman is seeking readers’ help in trying to track down the families of servicemen who lost their lives in the Cyprus ‘emergency’ – so that medals, specially created as a result of the conflict, can be presented to them.

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