A picture from South Shields football glory days

STRIPE ME...South Shields Adelaide in the 1930s.
STRIPE ME...South Shields Adelaide in the 1930s.

It’s grand news that South Shields Football Club is set to return to Filtrona Park in the town.

After two seasons away playing at Peterlee, they will be back home, which is as it should be.

Not that I can claim to have done my time in anyone’s football stand, not even for the lure of pies, but there is such a long history behind the club that to be back on its own turf can only be a good thing.

This is a nice picture of a South Shields Adelaide side, from that range of Ardath cards which Kevin Blair has been kind enough to share with us.

It dates from the 1930s, when the team were members of the South Shields and District League, and reached the semi-final of the League Cup during the 1935-1936 season.

I love their jauntiness.

And pleasingly we have all the names, so in that back row, left to right, are C Dew (trainer), A Westal, A Wetherson, T Sibson, J McGlasham (Captain), J Murray, J Dew, and W Potts (secretary).

Front row: J Frazer, M Beck, D Currie, T Wilson and A Boyack.

Two Dews? Brothers? Father and son? Perhaps someone can say.