Air raid claimed the lives of four people

Cookson Country
Cookson Country

A LEDGER listing all the films shown at the old Regent Cinema in Shields was recently given to the town’s museum.

It was a wonderful record of what was the town’s ‘super cinema’ in its day, over the 30-plus years of its existence before it became a bingo hall.

Especially as whoever kept the book also noted down what the weather was on the day, and what other events may have been competing for audience attention.

Well how lovely to since hear from a reader in the town, Mr Zeelie, that from being a boy and later teenage patron of the place, he could remember most of the movies mentioned! He is now 86.

And I’m also grateful to him for putting me right on something, which was a mention of the casualties of the air raid on the area that occurred in the area in 1943.

There weren’t just two members of the ARP (Air Raid Precautions) who were killed.

Four people lost their lives, their names commemorated afterwards on a plaque on the building.

They were deputy head warden Stanley Sutton, warden George Bertram, section leader James Slesser and Pc Joseph Armstrong.