Can anyone place this Cleet painting?

WATER WORK....but what is this view of?
WATER WORK....but what is this view of?

IT’S been pleasing to hear from folk who’ve enjoyed seeing the paintings of the Shields end of the Tyne as it was in the middle of the 19th century, as depicted by the artist James Cleet Snr.

They convey how much the river and its banks have changed over the decades.

And in the case of this third picture, is it so much so that I’m struggling to identify where this is?

It’s another painting by Cleet, from the collection of photos given me by a reader, but is signed only with his name and the date, 1894.

There is no guarantee that this is actually Tyneside, but if it is, where is (was) it?

There are the old type of coal staiths on the left, a paddle tug, an intriguing cluster of buildings and, towards the right, a bridge or viaduct in the distance.

My first thought was that it might have been Willington, but the buildings don’t look to me like the (famously haunted) mill there.

And I can’t get away from the impression that there’s something coastal about this.

In short, I give up! Any thoughts anyone?